Monday, September 30, 2013

September {review}

So I think I speak for many bloggers when I say that Instagram ate my blog and pic-tap-go ate my photo editor. Maybe it's a mix of modern technology, and the fact that I have more kids than arms but I just don't seem to get my camera out as often these days. I'm not going to get down on myself because to be honest I'm thankful for the way that I have still been able to capture our memories even if it is with my iphone. So here is a short review of the month of September in our little world.

My kiddos have fallen in love with the Berinstain Bears. Did you love them growing up? I loved the idea of living in a tree. Maybe that's why one of my favorite movies is Swiss Family Robinson;)

I said goodbye to my creative space that wasn't getting much use and we turned our basement into a play area for the kids. I was tired of the toys that had a thousand parts getting scattered all over the house. It wasn't that I didn't want the kids playing with those toys but I found myself dreading them playing because of how long it would take to pick up. We installed a camera so we can see them even when we aren't down there and now they have a place to go and be loud and make a mess and we can just close the door at the end of the day. I have also found that by removing the toys from their rooms they have played together more peacefully. When each of them had certain toys in their bedrooms it gave them a sense of ownership over those toys and it made it hard for them to share and now that it's all in one room they understand that the toys are for everyone to play with. All around this has been such a great setup.

We decided to give the kids a train table to leave in the main area of the house. This is something that HAS to stay in the main area and gives them an activity to work on with endless creativity. Plus, I love building train tracks so it's been a great family activity.

Plenty of outside play time and bug catching.

Lots and lots of reading. By removing the bulk of the toys it resulted in more reading time. Heck, I didn't mean for this to be a "play room" post but it seems like that's the direction it's going. I had been desiring more time for reading but it was hard to pull the kids away from other distractions but now with our new setup and "school" routine we have had so much more time to read together.

That about sums it up!


  1. I love it but this means I "might" have to go down to the basement sometime. That will be a brave Nonnie to do that. I can hardly breath just thinking about it. I love the pictures with LM reading & holding JB like a pro. She's growing up so fast. I love you guys thiiiiisss much & to the moon & back, moon & back, moon & back!!! Nonnie

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  2. the baby is my favorite part!!!!!!!!!

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  3. The playroom seems to be a great idea! I love your chalkboard in the train table picture. My Kindergarteners are very into Berenstain Bears right now. I have lots of books and DVDs. Let me know if you ever want to borrow any!

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    1. I just might. Those BB dolls are actually Jessica B. and she let the kiddos borrow them. It was the first time that Bubby carried around and cared for a doll and it was so cute!

  4. I do have the same problem! Not enough hands for children AND the camera. What a great idea to write a post using Instagram pics. I thought about doing picture collages for times when I just get too busy to write a post. I do love Instagram though!

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