Thursday, September 19, 2013

Junebug {three months}

So I have been waiting for some time to document the three month mark and that slot of time has yet to present itself in almost two weeks and before I know it Junebug will be four months old,  so here goes!

You have started to settle into a routine that is more predictable. You wake up anywhere from 8:30-9:30, nap around 11, 2, 6 all lasting anywhere from 45-60 minutes and the best being the 2 o'clock nap in your swing while the house is somewhat quiet from the others being in their rooms and then you are ready for bed around 8:30-9:20

You still love to be swaddled and pretty much close your eyes as I'm making the last loop around your little body while singing Nora Jones, "Come away with me." Once you are swaddled I pick you up, pat your bottom while you gaze up at the fan and fall asleep.

You have found both your hand, and tongue this month and love chewing on your fingers and making spit bubbles and lots of silly noises.

You make the most ridiculous shrieking noises when you are tired and ready for bed. You hunch over and shriek and I know your ready for your swaddle and a nap.

You sat in the Bumbo for the first time last night.

Your favorite way to be held is facing out, on my hip, with my hand holding onto your thigh.

You have great head control.

You smile all of the time and are just about as easy going as they come.


  1. Oh those eyelashes! Your babies are all blessed with those long eyelashes. I love these sweet pictures & that sweet baby. Nonnie

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  2. oh baby baby baby!! cute cute baby!!!

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