Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our special date together {just the two of us}

Little Miss and I got the chance to sneak away for an entire day together, just the two of us. I didn't realize how much we both needed it until it was playing out. Because her and Bubby are best friends and love to play together I sometimes forget that they need time on their own; time to receive attention from just one parent. Of course we try to take just one child with us to run an errand but rarely do we get to sit one child down and ask what they would like to do for a day. That day came for Little Miss and I this past Monday and we spent a day at the movies, getting her first "real" pedicure, eating dip n dots ice cream and then going out to eat. Her love tank is so full! I'm so thankful we were able to have this special day together before Junebug arrives sometime in the next two weeks.

I want to remember what an impact this special attention has on my children. I need to remember to take the time to ask them what would make them feel special and do it together. I know in the next year we might not be able to go on day long trips but an hour at the park one on one, an ice cream date or dessert at a restaurant is just enough time away to feel important and loved.


  1. where did you go to get the pedicure? the little kid chair is cute! glad y'all got a day away together. mommy daughter days are the best!

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  2. Love it! Looks like you both had a great day together. Nonnie

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