Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The last few days

Summer officially started for us this week and we have been enjoying the weather and our backyard. I have learned over this past year that whenever the time comes for us to buy another home there will be little concern over the size of bedrooms and more emphasis on the backyard.....I swear my kids could spend the entire day outside regardless of temperature. All that to say is that in my final days of being pregnant I am so thankful for my husband being home and willing to sit out in the heat with the kiddos while I stay inside and finish up some things before our Junebug comes.

Speaking of Junebug...she will be here any day now! I'm so excited to see what her sweet face looks like and kiss it over and over. I feel at ease and stress free this time around versus having the second baby. I think there were so many unknowns going from one child to two and so many emotions leaving my little girl for the first time knowing when we came home she wouldn't get all the attention anymore. This time around I am just so excited to think about the bonds that will form and the love we will have for our Junebug. Little Miss already adores the idea of a sister and says all the time that, "she's so cute!"

Here are some snapshots of life before Junebug arrives that I want to remember.
Bubby sneaking off to read by himself.
Sissy dressing herself and almost always putting on her "boots with the fur;)"
Sitting on the patio while the kiddos play in the pool and trampoline.
The way this silly girl loves to make faces.
The way Matt is so willing to be a hero and fix the junk treasures I find.
Cookie dough making.
The first time Bubby got the courage to play in the sprinklers....with a little nudge from his sister.

I'm signing off as a mother of two and can't wait to share pictures of Junebug when she arrives!

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  1. Good luck! There is nothing better than a new baby and introducing her to her big siblings. Enjoy every second.

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