Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bubby's Birthday {two}

At exactly this time two years ago I was unloading the dishwasher during nap-time and noticed my "Braxton Hicks" contractions were so much stronger than usual. Being that we had already set an induction date for a week later I didn't even think it was possible to go into labor on my own and early for that matter. I kept doing some house chores until it got to the point that I could hardly breathe through the contractions. I called my doctors office and told the nurse all of my symptoms and she insisted that I was most likely in labor and needed to get to the hospital. Me, still in doubt I laid down for a bit and at that point there was no denying it....I was in labor. I called Matt and he didn't answer his phone= panic attack. I called our friend Kim who was on Little Miss duty and she came over right away. I called Matt again and told him I was in labor and he came home but kinda thought it was a false alarm. When Matt came home I was standing in the kitchen crying to Kim at the realization that Little Miss was still taking her nap and I was about to rush off and leave her for the first time and when I would return it wouldn't just be her anymore. I was also super emotional about the fact that I thought I still had a few more days.....and let's just see I was emotional. Matt came in and hugged me and assured me everything would be fine because in the back of his head he figured we would be driving back from the hospital that evening from a false alarm. So we packed our bags and headed to the hospital.  We checked in and sure enough I was progressing well and just needed to walk the hallways to move things along. Matt went to JJ's to get my favorite sno-cone while I basically ran through the hospital hall. I'm not even kidding....I was walking so fast that Matt with his college course in speed walking couldn't keep up with me. I checked back in with the nurses after two hours of walking and within two hours I met my sweet little baby boy.

You are such a joy to our family! Your passion is such a gift and I can't way to see how the Lord will use that in your life. You are such a softie. I love the way you curl your lip down when you know you have disappointed us and when you are sad. As soon as you do something you are not supposed to you instantly dive in our arms for hugs and reassurance. I love your laugh and your smile. I love that it doesn't take much to make you laugh and it echoes through our home all day long. I pray protection over you. No, seriously, no matter what we are going you seem to manage a way to get injured in the rarest ways. I so enjoy watching the way you and your Sissy share such a special bond. We tell y'all all of the time that you are best friends and that is our prayer for you. And sweet boy you need to get ready because you are about to be sandwiched between two sisters that will most likely mother you and take care of you even when you would rather them not. We love you more and more each and every day.

This morning on your second Birthday you gave your Mama a special gift by sleeping in until 9:45. Maybe you were making up for all of those extra feedings in the wee hours? Any child that lets me sleep until after 9:00 most certainly deserves ice cream for their Birthday breakfast! We love you and today we celebrate you and hope to make you feel extra special.


  1. Beautiful babies!! I love that you call him bubby :) My 17 month old daughter has just started calling her big brother (4) buh-buh.

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  2. Happy Birthday Bubby! We are so blessed to have you. You are so sweet. You are blessed with precious Godly parents & a darling Sissy that love you more than you could ever know. Love and kisses from Nonnie & PawPaw. We think you are the BEST!!!

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  3. oh I'm dying over that last photo!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Bud!

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