Monday, April 15, 2013

When Bubby doesn't take a nap

All week this boy has been on a very weird schedule of gigling and playing during nap-time. He's usually the one I can count on to nap without fail, until this week.

Want to know the good thing about a baby that doesn't sleep during the day? They fall asleep in your arms. The older they get the less frequent these moments occur and when they do it is so special.

I'm so thankful I walked in his room last night and found Matt reading to him while he had already drifted off to sleep.  I can't express how much I love these moments. God is good!


  1. So precious. I know exactly what you mean and it's so worth it sometimes to get in those extra snuggles.

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  2. These pictures are so sweet of Matt & Bubby. The thing I miss most about my babies being grown is the feel of a sleeping baby with their head on my shoulder as I rocked them. Some things never change. Nonnie

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