Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Tree {DIY}

 The other day I was sitting outside watching the kids play when I spotted some fallen branches that  instantly sparked a creative idea. I feel like it's been a while that I have come up with an easy idea that could be done within a few minutes time so I knew I should act on it. Right now the ideas flowing to my brain are more of a result of nesting and involve painting entire rooms and sewing large amounts of a quick and easy project sounded like fun.

I call this the Valentine's Day "Things I love about you" Tree. Basically, any time one of us thinks of something we love about one another we jot it down on a paper heart and hang it on the tree. It's easy and has been a special part of our day.

Here's what you need:
Spray paint
Floral Foam
Craft paper

Place the floral foam firmly in the container. I cut the piece a little large so it wouldn't wiggle around. Then stick the painted branches in the arrangement that you like.

Cover the foam up with moss. You can find this in the floral department of any craft store.

Scrounge around for some paper supplies, buttons, lace and whatever else you would like to add. 

I have this plate sitting in the center of our table so that it's easy to access when we are ready to jot a love note down.

When the holiday is over I plan to collect all of the notes and paste them onto scrapbook paper for our keepsake book.

This little corner of the house just makes me happy! Don't you love adding such girly colors and items to your home for Valentine's Day? I know I do!


  1. Sweet! I love it! :) And I'm bringing the plastic bags over tomorrow!!!

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  2. So cute! I currently have two different branch "trees" going in our living room. I put some twinkle lights on one of them just last night. Branches are a crafter's bff, I'm pretty sure. :)

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