Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{For the Hard Days}

 Today was not the easiest of days. I can't put my finger on any particular situation or moment, it was just one of those days that the little things wore me down. The endless requests of  "more"  and "help" just seemed to overwhelm me. It's days like this that I am watching the clock and looking forward to bedtime. Once we bathed the littles, got their jammies on and started the nighttime routine I briefly reflected on how fast today went; in spite of it's challenges the day was gone in a flash.

Sometimes it takes every last bit of energy I have to read nighttime stories to Little Miss but when I close the book, tuck the covers around her tiny little body and turn out the light I know that these are the days that I will remember and wish I could go back and have one more night of a three-year old nighttime routine.

 When I hold Bubby close to me with his fleece blanket wrapped around him as snug as a bug I cherish that he is still my little baby boy and let's me hold and rock him. This time is fleeting. This time is hard and that's very real but I need to remind myself to not wish the days away. I will never regret taking the extra time to hold these babies, someday they won't need me to hold them.

 I'm choosing to see the good it's creating in me to sacrifice and pour into these little people. Rather than seeing it as an inconvenience to my schedule. I'm choosing to be refined by motherhood rather than to grow frustrated and bitter. It's easy to forget that this life of motherhood is the one I always wanted. This world and the things around me tell me otherwise all too often. While reading Desperate yesterday this really spoke to me.

I am praying hard for more obedience in all of these areas. I want to approach this battle of life, motherhood and womanhood with joy and obedience. If you're reading Desperate you need to click HERE so you can join in on the online book club.


  1. What a wonderful quote. I am definitely taking heart in that today. I've had a really challenging 24 hours... but it is comforting to know that tomorrow is a new day:) Thank you for sharing this.

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  2. I'll be reading that book soon! A friend got it for me, knowing how badly I wanted it. :~)

    Another good one is Rachel Jankovic's Loving the Little Years.

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  3. Again, I needed this. Being a mom is so hard and all too often, society tells us it shouldn't be. Thanks for this reminder that with God's help, we CAN be good Mama's despite the frustration and chaos!

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  4. Oh that is great wisdom. Thanks for sharing. And a big hug to you, pregnant mama of two littles.

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  5. Thank you so much for the words. The guilt that Satan throws at us that we aren't enough or that we should've wanted to play more, do more, be more to our children can honestly destroy the joy that Christ has given us. Thank you for showing me I am not alone. It's hard with little ones and I know that they will be grown before I know it but some times it's okay to be done for the day.

    Our church has been studying the lost commandment. To keep the Sabbath holy. We have been challenged to find a day or half a day to sabbath and rest in Him. I encourage you to find that day. Satan will try to rob you of peace and solitude but take heart for Christ has overcome!

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  6. I have no idea how I came across your blog. Whatever it was, I saved it to my favorites, although I have not been here in awhile.
    I am "older"... my babies are now 16... the olders all grown and gone.
    One truly is "gone". I approach the 11 month mark since he went ahead to be with the Father. You will never regret one extra minute you spent with your kids. The Challenging days will not even be remembered. Kiss each little head an extra time while you can.

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