Monday, September 10, 2012

Licorice the Cat

 I never thought I'd be writing a post about a cat. A cat that my kids have fallen in love with. A cat that is doing everything possible to win me over....and is doing a good job at it.
About two weeks ago, when school started we noticed a very friendly cat at our back door. Being that we have a very timid and super sweet one eyed dachshund I knew we needed the cat to go away. You see, our dog Nellie is not a typical dog for many reasons one of them being she has not a clue that cats and dogs aren't typically friends and therefore gets attacked by them. I have found myself in the middle of an attack when Nellie has run in-between my feet for shelter and the cat kept attacking. This being another reason why I'm not fond of cats.
Anyways, this cat has an owner and we have returned him to his home many times but he keeps showing back up every day. I think he misses his kids while they are in school and so he likes the company in our yard. We found out his name is Licorice. He is crazy, spunky, LOVES water, the water hose and pouncing in the grass. He is slowly figuring out that Nellie isn't going to harm him. I did dome research on how to introduce cats and dogs and it seems to be working well. If Licorice can be sweet to Nellie we just might let him hang out with us. It sure is hard to turn something away that your children love.


  1. I love it! Licorice looks like a sweet cat & it is evident that the kids love him/her. When the first picture popped up I laughed out loud & turned the computer to show PawPaw. He smiled real big & nodded kind of like he was thinking he knew the cat would win you over. Love y'all. Nonnie & PawPaw

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  2. He is handsome! I bet he will be loving on Nellie soon, too! :)

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  3. Lord, please oh please let my children dislike cats and cats dislike them forever and ever.

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  4. That cat is beautiful. And....a "Maine Coon". A very beautiful breed. There is the distinctive "M" on his forehead and big bushy tail. I am not a cat expert, but had one before and loved her so much. I had to give her away when I was deployed.

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