Thursday, September 6, 2012

first week of {pre} homeschool

On Tuesday we began the  Before Five in a Row curriculum. I'm using this mainly for Little Miss, although Bubby gets included he still likes to go about his own business during the day. The basic concept is one book per week and within each book the BFIAR guide gives you a plan of action for activities and learning opportunities within each book selected. I also found resources HERE and HERE for extra printables and lessons to go along with the books. I bought  BFIAR on ebay for around $25 and I am checking out the books each week from our local library.

Our mornings are looking a little something like this:

8:00-8:30- wake up, make the beds and wash up
8:45-9:10- breakfast and read the devotion while I have them at the table
9:10-9:25- I clean up breakfast while they have some free play
9:30-10:30- BFIAR lessons and activities, reading, scripture, signing songs, music instrument play, and games.
10:30-11:30ish- Outside play time
12:30-1:00- I clean up and the kiddos play
1:00 -Down for nap time
1:15- Little Miss out of her room to go potty
1:17- Little Miss out of her room to get water
1:23- Little Miss out of her room to give hugs and kisses
         and the list goes on.......

So that's a good picture into our day!
The reason why I felt it was time to start doing a planned program with Little Miss is that I noticed this summer that she was craving activity beyond 100% free play. I also found that during that time frame after breakfast when I was cleaning up the kitchen I would then move onto cleaning up other parts of the house, doing laundry, checking the interwebz way too much and before I knew it my kids were camped out in front of the tv and I hadn't engaged all morning. I needed structure. The kids need structure. Having a plan each day keeps me from falling into bad habits and allows me to hang up the apron, allow there to be dirty dishes in the sink and get on the floor and engage with my littles. I have found that when I start my day with focused time on them it get's it off to the right start and by the time we finish up lunch and I work on house stuff they are having a ball playing inside together they aren't craving that attention from me anymore because their tanks are full.

Little Miss is adjusting the way I thought she would. She of course is thrown off by not having cartoons on right after breakfast but with any habit it's getting better each day. The first morning she cried and threw herself on the floor and then this morning she didn't even ask. Once I begin reading the story of the week she forgets about the tv and is interested in the story. Bubby comes and goes as he's interested. I also have some games for him to play at the table while Little Miss is working on "lessons."

The approach is very laid back and go with the flow. If something else strikes their interest in the midst of what I had planned I just go with it.

At night as I'm prepping for the next day I pray that God would encourage me and help me to be qualified. I'm their Mother and I know them better than anybody else but sometimes the enemy likes to play tricks on me and make me feel like I'm not adequate. Then I think about the fact that it's ABC's and 1,2,3's, shapes, colors, and games right now. I don't have to worry about years down the road. We will figure that out when we get there. With lots of prayer and direction from the Lord he will guide our path.  As for right now we will just take things one day at a time.


  1. I love your blog and have been following for awhile, but I haven't commented until now. I have been a preschool teacher for 25 yrs, I am a Mommy to a 19 and a 14 year old...let me tell you this! YOU ARE THE BEST AND MOST IMPORTANT TEACHER YOUR KIDS HAVE!! The learning activities and time you spend with them is well-spent and you deserve congrats and a hug. I actually teach parenting classes mostly now, and the things you described above are exactly what I encourage my "Mommys" to do! Good job...your kiddos are lucky to have YOU!

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  2. I'm so excited to be doing the same thing. I feel like our girls are similar. I know that we seriously need structure for our day. I'm guilty of the cartoon thing too and I'm just ready for order. I needed the encouragement, because I have to deal with feeling inadequate too. Thank you!!

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  3. I love this post. I am a newby to the your blog and have loved every post. The end part about praying that God will give you guidence is such a good reminder to us moms. My little one is 1.5 and I'm already scared about how I'm going to teach her the things she will need to learn. Sometimes I just say "well I'll be learning with her" and it subsides the feeling a little lol. Ultimately I know that God will give me the knowledge and strength to do what he has called me to do.

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  4. I am so thankful you choose to make the "stay at home Mom" thing work. I know from experience that it isn't always easy but the reward is worth it. We have spent many years trusting The Lord to guide us and provide our needs. I can testify that our needs have always been provided. It is so fun to see it come to fruition and KNOW it came from God. Love y' my babies. Nonnie

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  5. So happy to hear from my new readers! Thanks for the encouragement! I'm also happy that this post encouraged you. We are all in this together and learning as we go.

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  6. Brick by brick. A little mortar here and there. You are building a unique foundation fitted for your individual family. Kudos sweet one!

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  7. What a wonderul post!!! The paperholder you have does it stand up by itself??

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    1. It is screwed into the crates so that it is extra stable.