Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Letter "B", Blue Bell and Bubby

 Can you tell the letter of the week is B? We have had a great week so far learning about the letter B and many other things. I thought in honor of the letter of the week we should go to the Blue Bell creamery and see how many "B's" we could find. Or maybe I just wanted some ice cream. Either way it was a welcomed plan for all of us. We also had the treat of having our sweet friends here for the day. I love breaking up the usual schedule and having friends over to play, it makes the day so much better.

Today I laid Bubby down for a nap in our room so I could start cleaning closets out. It was a big job but I'm glad I have one done. When the seasons change I feel the need to de-clutter one clutter zone a day. Some days I do something simple like the silverware drawer and other days I do big things like closets. I prefer doing it one day at a time that way it doesn't overwhelm me. But for some reason I always get dissapointed that within just a few months everything looks a wreck again. Oh well! I guess I need to continue one spot a week in the between time. So....that being said, I will soon have many projects and recipes to share with you now that I'm nesting for the Fall.
I'm curious to know how often you clean out clutter zones or if clutter isn't really a problem for others?


  1. I totally get the need to de-clutter too! I did it at the beginning of summer, and have begun again now. How is it that we acquire more "clutter" when we just did it?! ;)

    Blue Bell is my favorite.

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  2. I think the 'de-cluttering' job is a constant one...with 2 young children and other daily activities/routine that make a house function, I only get to one area at a time as well...but with a 2.5mo old, I'm lucky to complete the one job in a couple of days!! It gets dragged out between feedings, changings and anything else!! ;)

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  3. I have absolutely been in a decluttering mood too! I probably don't do it near enough. I agree though that with kids it is a constant job.

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  4. and that is why homeschooling is so awesome :)
    i totally declutter at the season change.

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