Friday, September 21, 2012

A day at the zoo

 I think one of our favorite purchases this year was a family membership to the Houston Zoo. It has been the perfect getaway for a weekday activity. When Matt has a day off from school we usually load up the van and head to the zoo for the day. We typically pack a lunch and eat it when we get there and then hit up Chick-fil-a for dinner on our way home. I think Matt and I do it for the CFA. Before kids, I never thought I would consider a fast food joint such a special treat but here we are in the thick of this parenting gig and love us some Chick-fil-a. Especially when they are so kind to replace my sandwich that was half way eaten when my child threw it on the floor. Love them! Anyways, here are some pictures of our day at the zoo.

Can you tell he's broken hearted about giving up his front seat with the elephant? 

Our attempt at a family shot.

It's always peaceful at the zoo; never a large crowd and the kids can roam as they please. Now getting home and trying to access the blasted HOV lane is another story. Hope y'all have a good weekend! I hit up some awesome yard sales today and can't wait to show you what I scored. I'm not trying to be prideful but I think this town has some of the best yard sales and estate sales around.


  1. PLEASE call me next time y'all come! I would love to have a play date at the zoo. We have a pass too and always love the chance to use it.

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  2. I grew up in Houston and have seen the Houston zoo change through the years. I love it (we are members too), my children love it and their member events are great. I love some of our zoo memories.
    And who doesn't LOVE Chick Fil A. Yum!!

    Green Acres

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  3. Looks like fun! We just got a family membership to a nature conservatory and went for the first time last week-end. It was so much fun to watch my son running around learning about animals, plants, and birds. I love being able to share in their joy as they experience new things.

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  4. I love CFA! One amazing place!!! (:

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  5. love the elephant photos! I love elephants

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