Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today's Ramblings

It's almost midnight and I need a shower but I had to get on here and let you know that we just booked a family vacation to Florida! I'm beyond thrilled because we will be there with my side of the family celebrating my Dad's 70th Birthday. I haven't seen my Dad since Little Miss was born. I also posted for all my mom friends with newborns who will be up all hours of the night and need new reading material. When I was nursing in the wee hours a new blog post would get me through the groggy first few minutes and just make me happy.
Anyways.....I've never been to Florida. We were going to drive and then decided a total of 40 hours in the car with two kids could be a disaster. Do y'all have any tips on flying with a three year old and a fifteen month old? I'm kinda scared that Little Miss will get sick on the plane. Do you know if kids that are car sick get sick on a plane the same way?
Glad I went running tonight before purchasing the tickets. I feel like I got a head start. Now the countdown is on. I'm thinking I may need to dust off the Insanity videos.
I got my hair cut today and decided to keep the length. I go back Friday for Little Miss and may have her take off more. I'm such a fickle little pickle.
Anyways, off to take that shower and then to bed. Good Night!


  1. I sat next to a Saudi Arabian woman who had FOUR toddlers with her once on a flight from Washington to Kuwait. All four were passed out asleep and she said they never got air sick because if they did they slept right through it. My neice handled a flight super easy once when she was 4, because her mom asked her to "escort" a teddy bear on the plane and care for it the whole flight. She was so wrapped up making sure the teddy bear was comfortable, and enjoying the view out the window and such, she barely had time to focus that she was on a plane for the first time. I am excited for you all!

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  2. You'll do great! I flew from Chicago to Seattle with my then 10 month old and 2 year old (about 4 hours) while my husband drove our car and luggage out. Both children have gotten car sick on longer drives but did great on the plane. You might want to look into homeopathic motion sickness tabs just in case-I feel like I've seen them before, maybe not.

    I loaded up on new toys from the dollar store to bring out throughout the flight, and brought the iPad with movies on it. (earbuds were needed, as the plane is too loud to hear, and of course not to bother others). Biggest toy hit: battery operated fans with foam blades. What got us through: playing with ice in a cup for little, and chatting with the lady next to us for big. Also trips to the bathroom to stretch legs and briefly play in water from sink, even washing little feet to feel refreshed. (wasn't trying to waste plane water, just maintain everyone's sanity by preventing a meltdown).

    Yes, there was some boredom and fussing by the end, but we managed without any major issues. It sounds like you'll at least have your husband with you making it a one on one game. I was also able to check our double umbrella stroller at the gate, and then get it back at the gate when we landed.

    Hope this helps a little. Have fun!

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  3. yay for Florida! ask Carrie - her girls have flown from Texas to London and Texas to Hawaii many times

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  4. YEah!!! You will have a fantastic time!! No suggestions for motion sickness other than the homeopathic pellets/tabs for that...Boiron is a big name, I believe in the states as well...just a few Disney tips...if you are going to do character them as early as possible so you get the ones you can bring your own water/snacks into Magic Kingdom (probably the other parks too, we only visited MK) Helps cut your costs and have the things you want to eat...there is a MASSIVE Walmart not far off the Disney if you have a rental vehicle at all you can stock up on things there...they have the longest isle of suntan lotion I've EVER seen!! There is a parade at night where all the characters are lit up...definitely a good show at MK...and if the kids can stay awake long enough (or even some adult time) I highly recommend the fireworks at MK, they are the best we've ever seen!! Tink flies from the top of the castle down and she's all lit up...a great's not always on each night though!! Happy planning!!

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  5. PS Keep the evening posts coming...when I have this baby in a couple of weeks I will enjoy your posts even more while up in the wee hours of the night feeding!! ;)


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  6. We flew to Portland, OR when the kids were your kid's ages. That was before iPads and iPhones, and believe it or not, we did just fine! Dylin had her little back pack packed with activities and snacks. We made puppets out of barf bags. Levi had his carseat, so just acted like he was riding in the car. He was very easy and even napped (i booked the flight to hit his napping time). They did great, but it was work for us. We had to keep them entertained the entire time. If you can break some of that up with a movie, I'm sure it would be nice!

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