Friday, October 21, 2011


Vintage yard sale find.

We love Ernie!

We knock, knock, donut dropped somebody.  You should try it sometime. Surprise someone on Saturday morning by dropping off donuts, quietly knock and run like heck to your car so they don't see you.

Cuddle time with Nellie.

Loving my quality time with this little guy. 

Helping Mommy make dinner.

When a two-year old fills the food bowl......

Cold enough for leggings (in Texas that means it's around 65-70 degrees).

Painting Pumpkins

Loves her boots. So much so they are going to the boot repair shop today.

Sad day. Only a week or so until the new month and then I get another jar.

But we will squeegee it to the last drop. 


  1. Visiting from Life Rearranged - great photos! Laughing about the Nutella pic - looks familiar.

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  2. I'm in Texas too and I've worn tights and boots all week! Ha! Gotta take advantage of this small "cold front" before it hits the 80's+ again!

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  3. I need to do that donut thing! How fun :) Oh, how I wish we could have Nutella. One of our little guys is allergic :( Happy Friday to you.

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  4. What an adorable blog, enjoyed visiting this morning. Crafting with your kids, what a great idea. Too cute! Love how you put the room together for crafting. Blessings, Sandy:O)

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  5. i wish someone would donut-drop me ;)
    what a cute idea.
    i should try that this fall!

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  6. New month as in pay day!?? haha! I SO think that same thought all the time!!!
    When does football season end for you guys?
    Two more weeks and we're done! HALLELUJAH!! :)
    Hope you're having a great week!

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  7. Love some Nutella! And some DONUTS!!!!

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  8. Also, it makes me feel old that things from my childhood are "vintage"....

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