Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art Display

As soon as I made the decision to make a school room I knew I needed a place to display the artwork. Knowing the chalkboard was going to be big and the center of attention I needed to find something that wouldn't add clutter to the space. I went downtown to the local  furniture store  and spotted some old yard sticks, as soon as I saw them I knew they would be the perfect way to display the artwork. When I went to the cash register to purchase them the cashier told me they were free!!! Woohoo even more perfect!

Little Miss and I fancied up some clothespins to use as the hangers for the artwork. She was very careful and detailed during the whole process.

These yard sticks are so old the phone number on them says GR 6-4231. I don't even know what that means but I love it.


Dislcaimer- I know that blogs can make life look picture perfect, peaceful and well.....not like reality. I want to be up front that craft time with a two year old is not always "perfect". Although I absolutely love doing these things with my little one it isn't always smooth sailing. She wants to do things her way and not always obey but the purpose of these activities isn't to make cute clothespins but to teach her patience and how to follow instructions, listen to her Mommy and obey. I encourage you to make something new with your children this week. You gotta start somewhere right?


  1. Robyn - the number is a phone number...we used to just dial a 6 instead of 836 - so the phone number is 836-4231...and that wasn't too terribly long ago...crazy huh!

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  2. I have to agree and say that your blog makes life look picture perfect, but I'll take your challenge and try to create something with my little one this week. ;)

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  3. This is darling. I love the vintage chalkboard..and want one for myself!! The photography, once again, is spot on! Love your lighting. Love the CRATES!! She sure looks busy in her one-room school! :) andrea@townandprairie

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