Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Banner {Crafting with Kids}

 {Fall Banner}

Every morning during Bubby's morning nap Little Miss and I have a designated "special time" that I use to do a craft or activity with her. Now that we do this I see her need to create and work with her hands often. She's so proud of her work and loves to do everything by herself  "a-do-it" is something I hear a lot of.

Recently our mornings at the park have resulted in a large leaf collection and I thought we should display some of the beautiful leaves with a Fall banner. You can never have too many banners or bunting in one house can you? I think not! She chose four of her favorites and here is what we came up with!

Old Hymnal Pages
Hole Punch
String or Jute

She is so proud of her leaves and absolutely LOVED using glue for the first time.


  1. That picture of you two is priceless! She looks more like you every day!

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  2. Aunt Alli is proud of her leaves, too!!! And I LOVE that last photo.

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  3. How wonderful this Fall idea. She's so cute!

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  4. What a precious little girl and what a great Mom you are. Doing crafts with your sweetheart little girl is more important than many other things you could be doing, (like cleaning). Good for you. I just wanted to give her hugs and kisses, you too.
    Sure turned out great. She has a right to be proud of her glue-woman-ship.

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