Friday, August 19, 2011

so it begins...

We've been missing our Daddy so much lately as football season has him spending time with sweaty goofy boys rather than at home playing with us. It's been a long hard week so far with babies feeling under the weather and temps of 105+ that we just haven't got out much. We decided to deal with the heat and get out of the house at least once this week to pay a special visit to Daddy during two-a-days. Little Miss was so excited to bring him a snack and see him wearing a hat..... she thinks it's the funniest thing. always was a trooper.


  1. That was see a little more of your lives :-)

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  2. ohhh I'm sooooooooo ready for GOOD football weather, the kind where you need a blanket under your toosh on the metal bleachers and a hooded sweatshirt on those cool nights......a girl can dream right?!?!

    Love these photos, great shots!

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