Monday, August 22, 2011

Nursery Surprise

Remember this mom to be?

Well.... the baby decided to come a few days early last week. The nursery wasn't quite finished and some of the coaches wives decided to get together and have a craft night to finish some of the details to make the nursery complete for the baby's homecoming.



The two different shades of yellow frames is an accident turned treasure. I'm a doof and gave two people the task of painting a few of the frames. It would have been a good idea to check and make sure the colors were the same, because clearly they were not. When we got them together to arrange them on the wall we agreed that it looked really fun with the contrasting shades, that and there was no time to go home and re-paint. lol

The canvas paintings were done by Haylee and are absolutely stunning! I know that baby is going to treasure them.

I know this family was thrilled to come home to this surprise. It was a blessing to see all the women come together to give of their time and effort to make this happen. Thanks yall!


  1. How lovelly! And it was such a wonderfull gift from you girls! That's the way it should be: women togheter to create a better and more beautiful world!

    Congratulations all of you (and the new family too)

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  2. adorable! LOVE the 'mistake' which turned out to be a genius move. Mostly love your heart and those of the other ladies to bless a friend with your talents.

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  3. This made me cry! It makes me want to go out & do great/fun things for others. You ladies are so sweet to do this!

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  4. Oh Robyn- it looks beautiful! What an incredible gift you gave that mama!

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  5. What a beautiful post! Very heartwarming and loving! What a lucky baby! Andrea @ townandprairie

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  6. It's gorgeous!!! Love the frames!
    I didn't realize your husband was a football coach!!! :) Are you guys ready for a new season?! so fun!

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  7. Amazing nursery!

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