Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{Four Months}

Where is the time going? Seriously, I feel like I just printed off the July calendar, circled it and took your picture the other day and here we are again. I can't believe how much you have changed in just one month. Here's some of what's going down:

You are smiling all of the time.
Laughing at everything especially at your Daddy and Sissy.
You love to chew on your hands and make a slobbery mess.
You  spray your spit everywhere when you get excited.
You make some of the funniest noises when your getting hungry and tired.
You are starting to enjoy your bouncer more and more.
You seem to cry a *little bit* less while in your car seat.
You still have the loudest cry I've ever heard in my life.
We're working on stretching you out at night.I'm beginning to believe your not all that hungry but just want some one-on-one time with me and while I enjoy our one-on-one time I'd rather it not be at 12:30,2:30, and 5:30 AM.
Your rolling over to your side often and have rolled all the way over a couple of times.
You still like to be swaddled but you're busting out of it once I lay you down so I think that will be the next thing we work on once we get you to sleep longer through the night.

We love you so much Bubby! We see the way you already adore your Sissy and can't wait to watch you two grow closer to each other. I'm so thankful for your tender, affectionate personality and your chunky body that's so darn cuddly. I just can't get enough of you!


  1. Absolutely precious. Amazing pictures, too, as always :)

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  2. The one of him gumming the sweater is so adorable! I miss those days when the babies were so little that everything went straight to the mouth. Andrea @ townandprairie

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  3. just precious!!!!! the baby and the photos both

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