Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Every morning I rise to a sweet little baby boy who is ready to eat, play and poo. Once the poo is over is when things get a little sweeter. He likes to have me all to himself from about 5:30 till whenever his sister wakes up. Lately Little Miss has heard us playing and is waking up earlier than usual. She is eager to see her Bubby, give him hugs and kisses and of course read him books. I have found that her bed is the safest place for her to hold and love on him right now. She will read and  talk to him until I drag her out to change her diaper and get breakfast started. I love that she loves this time and that it's special to her and I'm pretty sure Bubby loves it too.

Mommy tip- Since Little Miss was around 9 months old I would go in her room at night once she fell asleep and hide a little book in-between the rails and bumper pad. This has served as a 10-15 minute buffer to allow me a quick shower before I go in and get her in the mornings. I still do this and she still loves it.


  1. Ok, your mommy tip is genius!

    They are so sweet together : )

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  2. Great book tip! I'll have to try that!

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  3. Such a great (and cute) tip! Those pictures are to die for. So sweet.

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