Monday, May 30, 2011

It's Official

Summer is here! The heat, the activities, the friends and's all here.

First summer swim

Meals outside = Happy Mom

Watching movies and just lounging around.

Cleaning out clutter zones with a little bit of help.

Playing in the morning sunlight.

Visits from sweet nieces.

Puppy rides

Rough housing before bed. 

Sharing milkshakes

And growing too fast!


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! You have captured such special moments!!

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  2. Love the pics. Your sweet niece has grown into a beautiful young lady. Baby A has seen daddy use the chair as a pillow hasn't she? Baby E is a doll with his big round eyes and he really is growing up too fast. Love you guys. Nonnie

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  3. Your baby boy is getting so handsome! Love those pictures of him :)

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  4. y'all are having so much fun! i want to summer vacation with you guys!

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  5. Love all of these pictures! Creative idea clickin' a pic of her shadow! You had asked me about tips on sun flare and I can honestly say that I haven't captured many sun flares! I try to have the sun peeking out behind something first and then position my subject(s) in front of it at a diagonal (instead of directly in front of the sun), if that makes any sense. Then meter off their faces and click when the haze comes in to view. That is how I did it with the few that I've been able to capture. It's a work in progress! Congrats on making the Top 10 also in the photo contest!

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  6. YAY for summer!
    I can't believe how much baby E looks like you!

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  7. Girl, I swear. You make it look too easy :)

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  8. I just came across your blog and you all are so cute! Seriously, puppie rides is hilarious! My little boy chases our dogs around "roaring" at them like a dinosaur, bear, monster...all the roars sound the same :-) I feel for our sweet little puppies that have to endure toddlers, it does make for some great memories though!

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