Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thank You and Random Pictures

Just when I think I'm lame you guys make me feel super fly. Thank you for all of your comments, they mean so much to me and make me a happy little blogger. I love hearing from you and finding out who reads our little ol' blog. So if you read and have never commented please do come out of hiding, it's fun out here I promise :)

* FYI- Anytime I post a recipe or mention the source of something posted here and the writing is a different color, typically grey you can click on the word and it will take you to the website. So, the recipe for both the pound cake and the pie jars are in the grey writing on the "random" post.

*In case your wondering, I braved taking two babies to the grocery store to buy coconut extract to make the cake only to find the store did not have it in stock. Yes, Baby E screamed the whole time. Yes, people starred me down like I was the worst mother in the world. No, I did not run out of the store at the first whimper...I would have with Little Miss but this time around I know he's taken care of so I went about my business and laughed off the looks.

*I finally found the extract and Little Miss and I plan on making it today after yard sales and donuts.

 * Here's to some random photo's of our week.

I hope you guys have a great weekend!


  1. That last pic is so so sweet!

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  2. Look at that, "E" is a thumb sucker too! It's fun to see him so bright eyed. "A" is so precious holding & kissing her bubby. I love the pic of her watching the cake bake too. I can't wait to see you guys. Love Nonnie

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  3. I love you so much! Thank you for staying at home with our children. We are infinitely blessed by your life.

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  4. Greetings from Fair Oaks, Ca. Happy Mother's Day to you! I can't remember how I landed on your story blog but it's so lovely to see your beautiful photos and family. Visiting your blog is another world for me to be in...what a wonderful job you are doing!
    Blessings to you and yours...

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  5. Levi STILL loves to play in the washing machine!

    That last pic is super sweet!

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  6. Your kiddos are so adorable!

    What a neat idea to stack vintage suitcases for a nightstand. Totally going to do that.

    (clicked through from your comment on Under The Sycamore)

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