Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have a lot of random thoughts going through my head right now. I want to share them at different times of the day with different people but it seems as though I rarely have a free hand. These days when I'm on the computer I'm usually nursing or holding a sleeping baby and it's too much work to type. So here goes...

* If you do get a message or comment from me and it's in all lowercase letters look at the above explanation.

* I cannot control my need for sweets right now. Seriously. Cannot. Control. Myself.

* I want to make this coconut pound cake so bad but I know I'll take it down all by myself.

* At night when I'm swaddeling Baby E, I feel like a calf roper tying off a I should throw my hands up in the air when I'm done. If you've used the miracle blanket then you know what I'm talking about.

* Between nursing, sweating, and crying I can hardly keep up with fluid intake.

* The moby wrap is an art-form I have yet to master.

* When people come up to me and comment that they don't remember their babies being so tiny, I've  realized it's because you don't remember anything from the first 3 months...your just surviving.

* I'm ready to run again but would like to skip the walking stage.

* I have taken a shower every day since Baby E was born. This is impressive to me. I cannot say the same happened after I had Little Miss.

* My love for old books and their endless possibilities  continues.

*Each time I burp Baby E I'm the one that burps first

*I wish I could build this.

*Pie in a jar. Brilliant.

* I'm regretful for lightening my hair now that it's growing like a weed.  I know I won't make it to a professional any time soon so it's either roots or a box.

* Clean sheets make me giddy for bed. 

* After I wash  the bathroom rugs I love the fluffy look they have. I want to be the first person to step on them and at the same time I want them to stay fluffy; knowing someone will eventually step on them is most likely what makes me want to step on them first. 

* I'm still thinking about that darn coconut pound cake!


  1. That is SO funny. That bed from sweet homestyle I emailed to Abel and said "if our baby is a girl, she told me to tell you she wants you to build this for her"

    and please stop tempting me with that coconut pound cake! YUM!

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  2. Love, love, love the bed...and yes you could! The little individual pies I am going to make and the coconut pound cake...hmmmm I think I need that recipe. :)

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  3. I can TOTALLY relate about the bath mats. When I clean the bathroom, I'm torn between wanting to keep it clean and wanting to be the first person who gets to USE the clean shower!

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  4. This post was adorable! First, you hit it right on the nose "the first 3 months are just about surviving". It is so hard, but don't worry, it will pass. Two, Coconut pound cake? Yes please!!!! Third, you have the best blog and I love it. Last, Clean sheets and fluffy bath rugs are on top of my list of things I love as well! Hang in there!!!! XOXO

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  5. I don't if you've ever been to MADE but it really makes me wish I could sew!!

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  6. You are just too cute!

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  7. So much truth! You made me smile, remembering all the early parts of having a newborn. Ewan didn't sleep unless he was touching a person for the first 9 weeks of life, so I especially relate to all computer time being one-handed! And I also get over-excited about freshly washed bathrugs. You've inspired me to wash them today!

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  8. a favorite post. Will be getting Jason all over the 'fort bed', will be making the pound cake, join me in going natural on the hair... no maintenance, easier on the wallet!!

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  9. I loved your random thoughts tonight. Love to know that someone else in this world is burping, nursing, swaddling, and not sleeping. (Although, I think we're coming out of the delirious phase.) My favorite random thought was about the bathroom rugs. I TOTALLY relate! You are beautiful, Robin, I love your blog.

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  10. . . . so now you've made ME hungry for that coconut pound cake. If you give me the recipe, I'll make it and share with you! =)

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  11. I attempted to comment the other day, but Little Miss E had other plans for me. Love the random thoughts! It is especially nice knowing that someone else is out of control craving sweets. That's all I want these days. So happy to see the update that you ventured out & purchased the ingredients for the yummy pound cake. A mother of 2 wee ones deserves whatever sweet she is craving! Especially when she is nursing :)

    I ordered the Moby early last week and am already having nightmares about it!

    So impressed you've been showering every day. Are your children dressed too?! SO impressed. Little Miss E only wants to wear pjs or a bathing suit these days so I'm fairly certain that's what she'll be wearing all day every day when Baby Girl arrives. Oh well. Happy Mother's Day!

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  12. OH my :) I don't even know where to begin ha! I feel like I could have written this post. Definitely in the same stage of life you are. Had a little boy march 23rd. Totally can relate to typing in lowercase letters (he's in bed now...hence using capital letters :) ), YES to your whole comment on bathroom rugs...I feel the exact same way! And YES to always burping first when I'm burping my little guy! HAHA! These are all thoughts that have gone through my head this past week! LOVE your blog :) probably because I can totally relate! Have a great Mother's day tomorrow with your two babes!

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