Monday, May 9, 2011


we went to a parade this weekend. i loved watching little miss somewhat understand the concept. when the fire trucks approached she quickly learned they do not wave and throw candy like the other floats...they honk their incredibly loud horn and run their sirens. why do they do that? this scared her to death and she clung to us tighter than ever. i can't lie i loved it. i didn't love that she was scared but i did love that she wanted to draw near to me.

i figured out the moby wrap and love it and so does baby e.

i made the coconut pound cake sunday and fully expect it to be gone this evening.

i had a beautiful mother's day. i enjoyed my day at home with the ones i love, doing the things that make me a mom.

this is for you Mandi

Now I'm off to do lots and lots of laundry.


  1. Oh! Look at my sweet men! Thanks for that shot!

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  2. These pictures are so awesome. What a cute parade :)

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  3. I was sitting with the ladies in the chairs in front of the Art Gallery! I didn't even see you next to us! Little Miss can be in the Maifest when she's 3 years old!

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