Friday, January 28, 2011


I never got around to taking a picture of myself this week. Oh well. It's harder than one would think.

I went to the doctor yesterday and got to hear the heartbeat....the most beautiful sound in the world.

I also took my glucose test so now I'm just anxiously awaiting the results. I'm praying it comes back perfect...because I just bought two boxes of these.

When I was pregnant with Little Miss I craved straight up meat and potato's and this poor little guy is being formed out of pure sugar. I just can't help myself. Next on my cravings list are these muffins.

I started working on the bedding today, that is until my sweet girl woke up from her nap early with a fever.

Once I finish making the bedding I'll be working on a ring pillow for my dear friend Alli's upcoming wedding. I'm thinking a mesh of the two of these ideas.  Whatcha think?

I'll also be making over 120 jars of peach jelly for this wedding. If anybody wants a lesson on canning and jelly making in the near future then I'm your girl. Give me a holler and you too can be a part of this adventure. I'll pay you in jelly. 

The jelly will be the guest gift at the wedding. Her Daddy has a peach orchard that we collected hundreds of pounds of peaches from this summer with this idea in mind.

I know I need to focus on the nursery but of course my mind has already skipped ahead to the next project which is LM big girl room. There's a certain somebody in our home that might be asked to make this for her big girl room and in time for her second Birthday.

When I was a little girl I had a swing suspended from my ceiling and hanging in my room. My Dad is unconventional and cool like that.
Someday I want to relive that.

How's that for random? Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.


  1. You are a GOOOOOOOOD friend! And because I love you, I'd be happy to help with the peach jelly. It will be a nice change to can while it's not 800 degrees outside!
    I love those ring pillows! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    And the swing...I want Dylin to have a swing in her room so bad! Levi would only kill himself! I really like this idea of a porch swing. Man- she would love that!

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  2. Mandi- That would be awesome if you helped a girl out. I started to make some of the jelly this summer and it got crazy HOT in my kitchen so I decided to freeze the peaches and wait for cooler weather. It has taken many trips to various stores to buy the jars during the winter but I have them now so I'm ready to go.

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  3. Ah, what a delightful little read this afternoon. Warmed my heart to relive a little Stonewall goodness from this summer. Even more warmed my heart to be reminded (as I am constantly) of how precious you are to make the awesome pillow (cannot wait to see it!!!) and give us the gift that will top all gifts- labor and love in order to have homemade jelly as the gifts.
    Oh man it's going to be fun to see both the nursery and Belle's rooms come together... oh the suspense.

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  4. I'm sure all your projects will turn out great! They are really cute ideas!

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  5. LOVE those pillows!

    & I would LOVE to learn how to make jelly! As long as it's an evening or weekend let me know and I will be happy to help!

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