Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Life

Monday Little Miss and I ran out to our friends farm to pick up milk. I always love going out there to show Arabelle the real animals that we read about and make the noises of all during the day. She loves making animal noises...just loves it. For Christmas she got a pig pillow and ever since it has been one of her favorite noises to make. When I heard there were piglets born last week I was so excited for her to see them.

Brace yourself for some serious cuteness!

During a season of nasty weather and brown landscape it's so refreshing to see new life come to this earth. It makes me anxious for all of these babies to get here. In fact these piglets are going to be just two weeks older than the next farm girl. Can't wait!


  1. Off topic, but Arabelle's shoes are darling. What are those?

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  2. I know Baby A enjoyed seeing the little pigs but not more than her mama. I know for a fact that you love pigs too!! These are precious pictures but you know my fav is the sweet little piglet at the end of the blog :) Love ya'll, Nonnie

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  3. so sweet! ... i just found your blog today, very nice... i'll be returning ;)

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