Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Update 7 months

I can't believe I'm entering the 7th month already. In a way it seems like this pregnancy has flown by and at the same time I feel like this little one has been with us for a long time.

We still don't have a name but we have a few in mind. Were thinking we will wait until we meet him to name him.
I get so excited telling Arabelle about her little brother. The more I think about it the more it sets in that this is her little brother....for the rest of her life this will always be her little brother. There's something so beautiful about that. 

I'm craving pineapple anything and everything.
I still find myself sleeping on my stomach. Not sure how but I am.
This little one is moving all the time. It's not painful yet but it does cause me to lose some sleep. 
Matt's manly nesting is in full force, yesterday started with him making the bed, then he raked the leaves, mowed the lawn, painted the crib, scrubbed the bath tub and unloaded the dishwasher. He did all of this without my request. What a man!

The nursery is coming together slowly and I should have the bedding done by the end of this week. 
Next I'll be figuring out a creative way to mask all of the pink that he will be using. Poor thing....when a sister comes first everything is pink so rather than starting all over with everything were going to make due with what we have. Of course I'm not going to make due with clothes....he will be getting his own clothes. 

Precious one we can't wait to meet you. We pray for you daily and know you are a precious gift from the Lord.


  1. Oh- Levi had lots of pink too. Still does. I mean, now it's the way he wants it, pink being his favorite color and all!

    This is a very sweet post...

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  2. Can't wait to meet your newest little one. It's so cute that Matt is nesting too.

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