Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Girl

 It's a no picture post because blogger won't upload my pics right now. I'll keep trying but until then I'll just post it and you can think of a sweet little girl doing these big girl things.

I seriously can't believe what a big girl I have at my feet helping me all day. I feel like I'm experiencing so many learning webs in her brain throughout the day. She's always putting together what our daily routine is and now she has become so much help.

 Some things I want to remember

Yesterday while unloading the groceries I dumped off at the door I hear her grunting through the living room, I look over and find her carrying the huge package of toilet paper...she carried it all the way to our bathroom where we store it.

When I was filling up my water at the refrigerator door she opened up her cabinet, grabbed a cup and placed it directly on the water lever so I filled it up for her and crossed my fingers she wouldn't just spill it on the floor....she drank the whole thing and was so proud of herself.

When we are trying to get ready to leave she has now noticed I am collecting everything in order to get out the door, she has now started to bring my shoes to me and helps me put them on.

So with this beautiful weather we have been spending more time outside and yesterday we were pulling out all the old plants to get ready for the fall garden. Arabelle of course was a big helper and pulled of the last of our tomato's..ready or not....they came off. She also decided to give dirt a try and soon discovered it's not as tasty as the stuff that grows in the dirt.

She has also started to enjoy watching Elmo. She loves dancing to the songs and knows when it's coming....if she is lounging on the couch and hears the tune she will instantly get up and start dancing

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  1. oh I just love love love reading this! such a sweet little thang.

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