Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This past week Matt got a day off in the middle of the week...for the fair....so we took advantage of our mid-week day together and went to Houston to do something on our summer to-do list that didn't get done because it was too crazy busy. We went to the Houston Aquarium. We had been together when we were dating and we were so excited to share something new with Arabelle. We talked about how this is one of the great Joy's of being parents....taking your child to experience something new and exciting.

Arabelle enjoyed herself...she enjoyed that we were the only people there and that because of that she got to walk the aquarium by her big girl self. She got a little scared at some of the noises and on some of the rides. Matt loved that she would cling to him for protection....melt my heart.

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  1. love the photos! Can't wait to hug that cute little girl!!!

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