Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aggieland with Family

This past weekend the Wigley Family decided to make a trip down here to pay us a visit. It was a Football filled weekend as we hit up the Friday night lights at Cub Stadium to support Matt and then Saturday we headed to College Station for the first Aggie home game of the season. It had been at least four years since Matt and I were standing at Kyle Field. We were so excited to share the traditions of A&M  Football with family.

One of the many traditions of the game is that after A&M makes a touchdown you are supposed to give your girl a kiss....This might be Arabelle's favorite tradition so far....she loved all the sugars she was getting.

Addie Also wanted in on the action as she loves on her Arabelle.

Arabelle was having fun watching the game with Uncle Scott and Mommy and Daddy were enjoying the break from holding her.

There aren't too many pictures of Addie at the would have found her bumming peanuts off of the little girl behind us. Pretty Cute!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....Gig 'em Aggies!!!

We decided to leave the game a bit early so we could grab a bite to eat at Freebirds....we were walking back to our cars only to find they were no longer there...GONE! TOWED!!! THAT'S RIGHT!

Insert happy picture of us eating our burritos at Freebirds here:

Instead we were sent on a wild goose chase for our cars. It's nice how they don't leave any information in regards to where your car might be or how to get in contact with someone. Luckily the Wigleys had just upgraded to internet on their phone so we were able to start the search. Then...we found out our cars were in two very different locations....long story short we waited at the tow place to pick up the cars only to find they were out trying to get more cars towed so they would not be back for a while. Matt was stranded on the side of the road with Arabelle and Peyton because the friend who gave us a ride to the tow company did not have carseats and we weren't going to take any chances. So Arabelle stayed up until 2AM after the A&M game and was a trooper the whole time....even without dinner.
This was not the experience we were looking for but maybe someday we can laugh about it. I'm just not laughing anytime soon about taking someones vehicle with infant leave them stranded....also not laughing anytime soon about tow companies not having someone at their business to allow people to pay for their mistake and move on...don't make them wait in the HOOD for 3 hours. Ok....I'm done.

All in all we had a great weekend with family and the Aggies won!

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  1. I am a K-State girl, but really want to road trip down for an A&M game. I love marching bands and have always wanted to watch theirs. So it wasn't a great ending to your weekend.

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