Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Camera!!!

My new camera came in the mail this weekend and I was itching to snap away. I'm still learning the ins and outs of it but with youtube, and Lynsey I should improve in no time. And let me just say that my husband is AMAZING!!! That boy worked like 3 extra little side gigs in order to save up the money to make this purhase. Yeah....he's pretty special.

So Sunday evening we went to the park so I could mess with some of the settings...I didn't always have it in focus and the exposure is off, I'm just glad they aren't blurry and actually came out.

I'm going to post a sequence of pictures of the scene that unfloded before me...It makes me so thankful to capture moments like these.

Arabelle had just been let out of the stroller when she realized there were some girls playing on the same soccer field...this is pretty special because she is usually just there playing with her parents and puppy so other kids = awesome.
She spotted these girls and used all her little cute tricks to get them to give her some attention and as you will see it worked pretty well.

I don't even think there's a need for captions.... I love the JOY she has for others. I love her ability to accept a person without a thought or passing judgment. She loves life.


  1. good job girl! these already look great!

    i can see her saying "Hi" in one of the photos up top! So cute!

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  2. i saw teeth!!!! yeah!!! :) (it's about time, ha ha)!


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  3. I love that baby girl!! I am so thankful for the new camera so we can have more of these precious pics. Love, Nonnie

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