Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Few and far between

My camera is working on occasion and when it does..I am so very thankful. I was able to capture some moments this past week of Arabelle and the stage that she is in. Each one of these pictures is a perfect example of every day life around here.

Arabelle is my little collector. She ALWAYS has something in her hands that she is carrying from room to room. If we go outside the first thing she gets out of the driveway are pecans and then she makes her way over to the garden to pick the tomato's. She then brings these items back in the house with her and tries to hold onto them while playing with her toys.

One of the objects you are sure to find in her procession at all times are her books. She takes them with her everywhere and request just about everybody to read them to her.

We went to Houston this past weekend for some family time. Arabelle loved being with her cousins.

She is still loving on all of her stuffed animals. She was so tired from the weekend that she fell fast asleep on the way home.

On Sunday Matt wanted to take her to the grocery store with him to get a little treat. When they pulled in the drive this is what I found.... I'm sure this is only the beginning of Dad being so much more fun than Mom.

Now that she is walking everywhere she is loving wearing shoes. She not only wants to wear her shoes at all times but she wants to wear other peoples shoes. The other day at Church the lady said that another baby took Arabelle's shoe, she began to cry and brought it to the teacher for her to promptly put her shoe back on her foot.


  1. OK, she is too precious!!! Abel and I are ready to babysit!! Our apt. is little but there is a park in walking distance! Know the offer stands whenever you guys want a date!

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  2. oh SO sweet in the big tennis shoes! Can't wait to see her in T minus 3 weeks!!!!

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