Monday, August 23, 2010

We're alive

I promise I have all sorts of things to tell you about and pictures to show you....well the pictures are in my head because I'm still raising funds for my new camera. Until then, I will post video's i guess. I feel like every blog post needs pictures but for right now we will just have to do without.

We have been very busy this past weekend getting Matt ready for the first day of school. I can't believe he's starting his fourth year of teaching, Crazy!!! He seems to be better prepared and more organized this year. I'm very proud of him. He has many guest speakers lined up and lots of fun ideas to make Foundations of Fitness a fun experience for both him and his students. He also has student teachers this year, hopefully that will help him out some.

Arabelle is turning into such a lovey. She is coming to us out of the blue and making a lip smacking noise and steals herself a kiss whenever she wants to. We thought this day would never come. For the longest when we would go in for a kiss she would turn her cheek in a hurry and it used to hurt our feelings, she is redeeming this now with the abundance of kisses we are getting.
A new development over the past two weeks or so is her love for books. I mean the girl is glued to a book all day long. She carries Brown Bear around with her all day and she says "Ba Ba, Br Br" to get us to read it to her. Once we start reading she takes care of flipping the pages and telling us more about the book then what's just on the pages. We love this about her. We had "Brown Bear Brown Bear" "Panda Bear Panda Bear" and so I had to finish it off with getting "Polar Bear Polar Bear" I think Daddy likes this one the best, he keeps telling Arabelle that he was a Polar Bear but she doesn't really seem to care, she just wants him to read it to her.

Now that Matt is back in a routine it seems as though my days are really long so I have some projects I'm wanting to work on. If I write them on the blog that creates some accountability. I want to find a better arrangement for our living space, this is an ongoing issue for me. I like how cozy it is having the couch right next to the kitchen but the house is closing in on me with such an active little girl. I want to repaint a few rooms, work on finishing some of the details in the kitchen and then the big out the drywall in the guest bedroom. I keep telling dropping small little hints to Matt about this one....he's not on board yet...I think because he knows it will end up as one of his projects. Maybe not...we'll see.

And just because....Here is Arabelle playing her new musical instrument.

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