Monday, August 16, 2010

Football and Nonnie

My camera imports have made it very clear that Football Season is here for the real! It seems like every evening we are either up at the field to see Daddy or we are running on the fields at Hohlt Park.

One of the coaches wives has a way with children, they all adore and flock to her. I keep checking to see if she keeps a stash of candy in her pocket and I have not caught it yet. She really is just that sweet. I know my little Arabelle loves her.

We finally found ourselves taking the ol' family coaching pictures. I of course procrastinated in getting her outfit together and therefore had to borrow a 3 month onesie from a friend. Yes it's a bit tight but the buttons stayed snapped until after the pics and then they popped right off.

The nights we aren't at the field we have been going to Hohlt Park for Arabelle to run around on the soccer fields. She loves the freedom and the soft grass on her bare feet. This stands to be one of my favorite places in Brenham. Matt and I spent all our evenings here when we first moved to Brenham and didn't know anybody. We would walk and walk until the sun went down and then  we would lay on the very field our baby is running on and  would star gaze and pray for our future family.

Nonnie came to see us this weekend and we absolutely loved it! Arabelle woke up from her nap and practically leaped out of my arms to give her a hug and promptly directed her to the coach to read Brown Bear Brown Bear. Arabelle is very serious about this book.

Check out my big girl that has top teeth and walks around all by herself!

And just because.....


  1. Nonnie loved every minute of her visit!! I love you all.

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  2. Such a sweet, sweet little one. I miss Belle.

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  3. It's weird seeing pics of y'all taking f-ball photos! We took ours last week - this time with new people and in BLUE! ;)

    It's amazing how they literally "take off" once they start walking... soon she'll be running all over the place, Robyn! You've got your hands full now!

    You guys should come see me soon! Arabelle can even nap here... they have fun shops, walking trails, etc.

    Hope you're doing well.


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