Monday, August 2, 2010

Last weekend of the Summer

Matt started football practice today = Two girls that are gonna miss him like crazy!

Arabelle had her first swim in a big pool this last week.

We had a great last weekend together. Friday night our sweet friends Jason and Kim took us to an Astro's game.

On the way down there Jason played music in the car....and it wasn't Praise dare he!


Saturday night we went to the last Hot Nights Cool Tunes of the summer. It's a concert held on the square in downtown Brenham. We had a lot of fun listening to an 80's cover band. I'm pretty sure most of the songs they played I said..."this is my favorite song!"

Please excuse the pictures. My camera is broken again, now my flash isn't working. I'll soon have another yard sale to save up the money to buy a new one. I'm also planning on opening my etsy store very soon. I have been waiting to open it when I had great pictures of all the stuff and now it looks like I will need to sell the stuff in order to have great pictures?

Arabelle has had so much to say these days. She is talking non stop, pointing at things as she talks, moving her head around , pausing a little bit for a response and then answering back. She is pure Joy!

She had a little something she wanted to share with all of you.


  1. She is absolutely adorable. What a cute age!!! I am so happy for your precious family. Krista McNew

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  2. Aunt Bebe loves her some Arabelle! Just u wait until that babbling turns into words. Can u say, "Addie Wigley"? Non stop questions and comments. I will say it makes for great stories, though. Kiss A 4 me!

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  3. I love! walking and talking. so fun!

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  4. I love that baby girl!!! Her parents are pretty special too.

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  5. I'm thinking Arabelle and Bryson would love to talk to each other....they speak the same

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