Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Belly Bag {{Tutorial}}

BBB...that's a mouth full. When Arabelle was a newborn she would get gassy and fussy in the evenings. When I talked to the pediatrician she told me to get a rice bag, warm it up in the microwave, place it on her tummy, swaddle her up and give her Gripe Water. It did the trick. Just when that time of  day rolled around we went through this routine and she was instantly a happy camper. However at the time I was in new mom fog and only had time to pour rice down one of Matt's dress socks, tie it in a knot and call that my belly bag. Poor Arabelle:(

Now, this has become one of my favorite items to give a new mom. Of course I don't give them an old sock with rice in it, I have spruced it up a bit with cute fabric and have even scented the rice with Lavender oil (known as a calming essential oil.)

You will need small scraps of fabric, Rice ( I used Jasmine), Essential Oil, and basic sewing skills

Take rice and place in a bowl, drop Lavender oil onto the rice ( I place about 2 drops per cup of rice) and stir. I use my ruler, I'd rather let the ruler absorb that good smell than to wash it off of a spoon.

Fold your fabric wrong side out. Trace your measurements on the fabric with a fabric marker. I made my rice bags 6 inX6in. 
Cut the fabric, sew pieces together leaving a small opening in order to turn the fabric right side out as well as pour the rice inside.


Pour  rice into the bag, turn the edges under keeping in alignment with the seam and stitch it up.

Here's the finished product!

I make a tag with instructions. " Place rice bag in microwave anywhere from 30-90 seconds depending on the heat power. Shake rice around making sure to distribute the heat. Place on baby's belly and swaddle. Heat holds up to an hour. Relieves gas and provides comfort."

On a side note, a bigger bag can be made and used for the purpose of laying on the baby's belly and chest to help them feel comforted when someone is not holding them.It kinda act as that warm body they always seem to know lets them go.


  1. Oh my lord what a darling idea! I see a Baby Belly Bag/Hooter Hider out of complimenting fabric. Thanks for 2 great baby gift ideas.

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  2. This is an adorable idea for a gift. Thank you!

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  3. What a sweet idea- by chance can I buy 2 from you-- Let me know!

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  4. We don't have a microwave but I have one of these that I can't use. Do you have any other suggestion as to how to warm it up? Not sure if I could put it in a crock pot or wrap it in foil and place in oven for a little bit. Not sure if anyone else has tried something that could pass on ideas. Thanks a bunch!

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    1. I think crock pot would be great. It would probably take longer but if u know when baby is going to be fussy I would get it on low so it would be ready.

  5. Elizabeth Horton April 15, 2013 at 4:58 PM

    Do you have an estimate of how much rice you put in one of these (for h 6" size ou mentioned"? I wasn't sure how full to fill the bags

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    1. I made a few just now and I think 1 1/3 c is pleasantly full.