Friday, July 30, 2010

Chick-fil-a Sandwich Recipe

I realized my obsession for Chick-fil-a once we moved an hour away from the closest Chick-fil-a...and then my pains were made deeper when we seem to only make it into the "big city" on a Sunday.

When the Food Network magazine featured this recipe I was thankful my prayers had been answered.

It turned out wonderful. Of course it's not identical to the masterpiece chicken sandwich from c-f-a but it comes in pretty tastes more like the real thing if you have some of their sauce stored away in the condiment leftover section of your icebox.


  1. how cool!! ummm, is that really sauce in that little white container from c f a???? if so, it's worse than i thought girlfriend. you've got it bad:)

    love ya!

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  2. Lyns, you know it! You know when you get stuff from them they always put more sauce in the bag than you can eat,how could I throw it away?

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  3. awesome!! i need a cfa sandwich asap!!

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