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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Embroidered pillow {{DIY}}

I love really love them! I knew a happy pillow was just one of the things I needed in the nursery to help it feel more personalized and what better way to personalize something than by adding an initial to it.

I have already met my budget for the nursery so I knew I was going to have to get creative.....insert homemade monogramming/embroidery.

When I first started this I was just hoping it would turn out looking decent, once it was finished and in the room I loved the way it looked sitting on my much so that I want to make some for our bedroom.

This is a super easy project with no sewing skills required. Sometimes I think people see a needle and yarn and think they can't do it. I promise, if you can follow a straight line and stick a needle in and out then you've got this.

Cotton Embroidery Floss
Erasable sewing pen
Letter template ( I used one previously cut from a cricut but you could easily print and cut on regular paper.)
Pillow or fabric you plan to use to make a pillow.
Medium size sewing needle

Step 1
Center the letter on your pillow and trace it with the erasable pen.

Step 2
Cut a piece of the floss about 1 ft to start off with. Because you will loop this through the needle it will end being about 6 inches. You don't want your floss to be too long.

Step 3
You will need to separate half of the floss. When you move the fibers you will see there are 6 strands in one floss.
You will only need 3 strands.
Take three strands and pull them apart. Reserve the other 3 strands for later use.

Step 4
Combine your 3 strands together so that it fits through the needle.

Step 5
Pull the strands half-way through the needle to join the end.

Step 6
Tie the two ends together. This will create a total of 6 strands once you have threaded correctly.

Step 7
Starting in the back of your fabric/pillow, push your needle up through the line and follow your letter. You will weave in and out, in and out until you run out of floss (embroidery thread).

Step 8
This is the back of the fabric. Once you have run out of floss you will tie it off in the back and re-thread your needle and continue.

Step 9

Once you have threaded your letter and no longer need the blue marker as a reference, take a wet towel and blot the blue marking. It should completely disappear. 

Step 10
Sit back and admire your fabulous customized pillow!