Friday, August 2, 2013

Week two

So yeah..... I'm still here just a chasing the two littles while holding Junebug in my arms at.all.times.  The girl loves her Mama! Some moments require large amounts of cookie dough and mini m&m's to pull me through.

We are blessed to have two families that are dear friends to us that have a large brood of amazing children, often I beg them to come over to play with my littles and boy does it make my day a blessing. I never thought having 9 children over would make things easier but it really does. I love how the older ones care for the little ones and when they play a game there is a role for each child. We are going to miss them so much once school starts back up.

Sleeping in Daddy's arms.

Getting to feed Junebug for the first time.

Bath time

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. First of all... little june bug is a DOLL BABY!!!!!!!!!!!
    Second of all... man I am just having a little bit of sadness you're not by us... I could use some play dates! And I agree... the more friends we have over the easier it is for me haha!
    Third...I miss you!!!!!!!!

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    1. I miss you too! I need to text/email you asap!

  2. I just love that bath time picture! She is beautiful!

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