Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rainy Day Reading

This week has brought about a few days of rainy and chilly weather. With all of the beautiful outside time we have had I have no complaints about being stuck indoors for a few days. To be honest I totally forget about things like laundry when we are outside all day until the Hubby reminds me he isn't wearing socks with his shoes because they are all dirty. So needless to say I have been catching up on some of my household duties and the littles have been playing library story time and watching their newly discovered Mary Poppins. It's been pretty nice!

Those lashes! They get me!

And of course it doesn't take long for them to want the same book at the same time. That's life!

Tomorrow we will spend the day getting things ready for Bubby's second Birthday. I am keeping things really simple so the prep will mostly intel a trip to the grocery store and some fruit washing and kabobing. Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Bubby's lips get me everytime!

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  2. I can tell they pay close attention during story hour when they go to the library. I love how they hold the books up as they pretend they are conducting their own story hour. I love these kids! Nonnie

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  3. I love the quilt on your daughter's bed! Is it Rachel Ashwell? It looks so sweet and vintage.

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