Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break is here!

It's Spring Break and for this coaching/teacher family that means Daddy is home with us all week long! We love being all together as a family, spending our days relaxing without an agenda, eating yummy snacks and taking spontaneous trips. Yesterday we headed out to the lake to hike on some of the trials and picnic by the water. It was crazy windy!!! Like flip your plate over into your lap, chips scattered in the dirt, children crying kinda windy. Once we finished our picnic we headed for the trails and had a great time exploring. It was so nice to get away into nature and feel the Lords presence. I love sharing the beauty of his creation with our little ones and I think they enjoyed it as well.

I hope y'all are having a great spring break! I love looking at everybody's pictures to see how you are spending your week. Today we got the itch to work on the house a bit and who knows what tomorrow will bring!


  1. Spring Break has no meaning for us anymore, le sad. I guess it will in about four years when my little one starts school. Your kiddos are cuties and I'm glad you're having fun :D

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  2. Isn't spring break glorious!!!!!!
    Think we're headed to the zoo later in the week. And besides that doing a whole lot of nothing:) I love it!
    Happy Spring Break friend:)

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