Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bubby and Sissy

 This week these two grew in love for each other. They played with  peace and joy. Of course there were moments of differences but overall it was a beautiful week of growth. Bubby is learning to embrace his sisters affection and need for physical touch. Little Miss is learning to respect when she's pushing his limits. The day in, day out training, guiding, redirecting, love and prayers are showing fruits that are so encouraging. There are days I grow weary of repeating the same tasks and teachings and then there are days that God encourages me in my efforts, this week he blessed me with such encouragement.

This might be one of those moments she was pushing it;)

While I'm on the topic of being encouraged...have you heard of Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson's new book Desperate? If you don't have a copy I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend you stop what you are doing and order a copy. I'm only on chapter 5 and I already feel that strong about it. If you're a Mama to little ones you will not only relate to this book but will be so encouraged and find yourself searching your heart in many areas. It's stirring my heart and I hope to share more with you. Let me know if you order a copy!

On a side note, some of you know that I bought a thumbguard to help Little Miss stop sucking her thumb. From the pictures above I'm sure you can tell how well it's going. To add to it Bubby has taken to his thumb during the day all of the sudden. I'm not sure if it's because there has been an extra focus on thumbs around here lately but it kinda makes me laugh. Two steps forward....three steps back! Y'all have a good weekend!


  1. Oh, boy. Thanks for that book recommendation. My son has hit 23 months and with that has come a huge streak of STUBBORN.

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  2. E looks a ton like Matt on the slide and A so much like you in the photo right below!!!

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  3. I realize every child is different (I have 7 grown children). I had one thumb sucker. I made a decision early on not to bug her about it and she would outgrow it. Well...when she was 7 years old and still sucking the thumb I realized I needed to do something. She had been begging me for red church shoes to go with her Sunday dress. With 3 girls they each got a pair of black shoes that got passed down. Red shoes were not in the budget. I told her if she would stop sucking her thumb for 2 weeks I would buy her the shoes. She did it! Once in a while I would go into her room at night and she would be sleeping with her thumb in her mouth but I was OK with that. I knew she was working hard and doing a good job. She got the red shoes!

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  4. I ordered a copy of Desperate and not only is it encouraging but refreshingly honest! Any mom with little ones NEEDS this book!!
    Also I love how honest and transparent you are on your blog about your faith and your own parenting journey.

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  5. Wanted to pass along a book recommendation. "Give them Grace" changed my life. We are on a similar path it seems as we had our third child in September. Don't let what everyone says about having 3 kids scare you, it is wonderful and crazy, and wonderful :) So excited for you!

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  6. Maybe try dipping her thumb in vinegar. It's harmless and she won't put it in her mouth anymore. At least, that's how I got my daughter to stop breast feeding...when she was two and I had had enough...It only take s a few day of doing it and the bad taste associated with it turns them off really fast.

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