Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random tidbits from my week

So....last night I put a magic eraser in the toilet because a pin on pinterest said it would magically dissolve and clean overnight. I have to fetch a soaked magic eraser out of my dirty toilet.

 Do you think Bubby could pull this off for Halloween?

I hate it when I have just tied off a bag of trash and taken it outside when I notice Bubby in need of a diaper change. I hate having a dirty diaper in an empty trash can, even if said diaper is tied off with a grocery sack.

I made THIS cinnamon roll pumpkin vanilla sheet cake and it was yummy. It tasted like pumpkin bread pudding.

This week I took a trip into town on a quest to find some comfy jeans. It was on said quest that I realized how old I am or how out of touch with fashion I am. Most clothes just kinda bothered me. I just wanted a pair of jeans that were simple and comfy. I didn't want bling on my butt or for them to be tight on my calves. While I think both of those styles are cute on most they just aren't for me for my every day pair of jeans.

When I left the mall I slowly drove by Chuy's and contemplated eating there by myself so I could devour a tub of their sauce. I decided that might not be the best place for a solo meal so I came home and made a batch. You can find the recipe HERE. I LOVE this stuff. I think this really might be the,"BEST DIP EVER."

I can't wait for it to officially cool off so I can wear my boots with sweater leggings. I've been on the lookout for a grey sweater to transform into leggings. Click  HERE for the tutorial.

 So I tried red lipstick this week, other than constantly being worried about it being on my teeth I really liked it. It's a good thing I did like it because it wouldn't wash off for about 12 hours. 

 If you like salmon you really need to try THIS recipe. So good!


 I'm super excited that the Scentsy buddies are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE (won't last long)! These animals are super soft and have a pouch in the back that holds a scent bag to make the animal smell good. I get the "newborn nursery" scent for baby shower gifts and the "perfectly pomegranate" for little kids Birthday and Christmas gifts. With this special the cost ends up being $12.50 each! That's a steal for a gift. Click HERE if you would like to purchase from my open party "End of September through early October."

Alright, y'all have a great weekend! I worked on a little DIY today that I can't wait to share with you next week. It's so fun!


  1. Yummy stuff! I never knew that about a magic eraser. However, I do love how it cleans! Those leggings look cool! I have very stocky legs, so can't pull that off, but they look really cute!

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  2. Old Navy has the best comfy jeans. Cheap too!

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  3. I really like Ann Taylor jeans. They are cute, age appropriate, and reasonably priced at the outlet mall...especially if you ask a friend who may or may not have extra coupons! And an added bonus: since they are more of a designer brand you can get away with a size or two smaller than normal and feel really good about yourself!


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  4. Love the leggings. I'm moving to Texas from upstate NY, so I have a bunch of sweaters I probably won't get to wear anymore. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I echo Amanda's post above: I love Ann Taylor jeans. They are very age/lifestyle-appropriate (I'm a young mom in my late 20s) and fit really well.

    As a side note: I tend to avoid shopping at mass retailers like Gap, Old Navy, etc. because I disagree with their company morals.

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  5. I LOVE HIS COSTUME!! HILARIOUS! I always have a small garbage bin in my garage, right by the door. It helps at least get those dirty diapers out of the house!

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  6. Wow you had a busy day. But looks like you enjoyed it and was very productive. I am getting my co-workers geared up for Halloween. I am telling them to buy their costumes online now and have them shipped here. "Beacuse regret is a terrible thing!"

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  7. If you look on craigslist, you can get a diaper genie for like 10 bucks. Definitely worth it.

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  8. I guess I need to check out ATL!
    @Sarahew88- It was a week, not a day, thank God!

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  9. if Bubby ends up in that costume I believe I'll laugh for a week straight!!

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