Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yellow Dog

Alli is here, which means I'm eating cake for breakfast. Not just any cake but the best carrot cake in the world! Click HERE for the recipe.

We needed to give baby J a little time to nap in a quiet house so we decided to run up to the field to see Daddy and the football boys.
(Side note: If I'm in a baseball cap there's a 99.9% chance that I have not taken a shower.)

So we got up to the field and this is what we saw.

They finished up early! Total bummer...not only for the Mama that successfully got two kids dressed, out the door and loaded up in the car but to the three year old that was banking on seeing her Daddy and running next to the "boys" with her new running shoes. They were devastated.

When we got back in the car Daddy called and said he was headed back to the bus barn to return the bus and asked if we could meet him there for a bit. To say he saved the day is an understatement. I don't know what it is about that yellow school bus but it has my kids heart.



  1. AHH! I love that we live the SAME life:)
    That happened to us today. We loaded up and by the time they got there they had headed inside. Lots of tears. And then he saved the day by calling to ask me a question so I let him know we were outside;) Hallelujah!
    And carrot cake is my FAVORITE! Adding that to my menu this week.
    Have a great time with your friend!!!

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  2. I love the pink tennis, too cute!

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  3. I'm a new follower of yours, and I'd just like to say that you have cute pictures! I love reading your posts!

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  4. Mmmm carrot cake... Gotta get some carrots next time I'm at market! Love your little girls new shoes!

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  5. You had me at cake for breakfast. I love, love, love carrot cake so I will definitely be checking out that recipe! Super cute pics too!!

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  6. Cake for breakfast and pink tennis shoes..you had a wonderful day!

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  7. definitely make that cake!
    and hooray for daddy's like that :)

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