Sunday, August 19, 2012

15 random things about me

Hey y'all! Things have been kinda quiet here on the blog because my computer is in the shop. Thursday morning I woke up to find that my entire picture folder was deleted. Like completely gone! Talk about a pit in my stomach. I've been praying like crazy that all is not lost. At the same time I'm praising the Lord for the blog and all of the memories that are documented on here. Yes, I have an external hard-drive that I backup to but my editing software holds many pictures that were not backed up:( 

While I'm without my computer and my real time photos I thought I'd do a throw-back get to know me kinda post. Here are 15 random things about me.

1. I still have AND use my original caboodle that I got for my 12th birthday. Why? Because it's awesome and so handy.

2. When I was in college I babysat for the owners of Freebirds World Burrito and got to eat all the Freebirds I wanted. Yeah, it was pretty awesome and just might have been what sealed the deal for Matt.

3. You know how most people look super fabulous and fancy when they get engaged? Well, I had just gotten out of the shower and was in my robe when Matt came over for a surprise visit and popped the question. Looking back on it I wouldn't change a thing. He knew me well enough to know that I would have caught on to him in a hurry if we were dressed nice and doing something super planned and romantic at that stage in our relationship. So instead he came over early on my Birthday morning and surprised my with our dog Nellie. I ran Nellie into my roommates room to show her my new puppy and she looked at me puzzled and pointed out that there was a ring on her collar, I looked at it and was confused and then looked up at Matt and there he was down on one knee ready to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. And today is our 6th Anniversary!

4. In College I won an intramural weight lifting competition. It made me feel like a haus even though I wasn't. I guess all the really strong people had better things to do than compete in a weight lifting competition on that Saturday morning.

5. I'm double jointed in my tongue. As in I can pop my tongue like a person can pop their fingers. Weird I know but I scored major cool points in middle school.

6. I'm the youngest of four girls.

7. I kinda want to give natural child birth a try but I'm scared that the pain will be too much to handle when it's too late to get an epidural.

8. I'm slightly obsessed with Dog the Bounty Hunter. So much so that I even dressed like him for Halloween one year. Here I am in all of my "Dog" glory.

9. I'm super insecure about the things that I say. I always leave a social gathering or conversation with my face in my palm wondering why I said the things I said and thinking that I'm an idiot.

10. In our first year of marriage we experienced a molar pregnancy. I'm thinking about doing a series telling more about it.

11. The first book I read with enthusiasm from front to back in less than a week was Redeeming Love.

12. I lost my taste buds for an entire year after I got a tonsillectomy. Apparently that's common for an adult tonsillectomy yet never got brought up during pre-op. You would think that could be a good thing but it was horrible! To have a craving for chocolate only for it to taste like play-dough was absolute torture.

13. I have an irrational fear of my cabinets and pantry shelves collapsing when they are filled to capacity. The day after a big trip to the grocery store and shelves full of clean dishes has me anticipating disaster.

14. The sound of crunching ice drives me bonkers! I always end up sitting next to the dude that swirls his solo cup around searching for those last pieces of ice to chomp on. Makes me an absolute nut!

15. I think you should share any positive thought you have about somebody. Sometimes this plays into #9 but whatevs. So often we have random negative thoughts of comparrison or just plain evil that go through our head.I think it's important to act on the random positive thoughts that come into our head and maybe they will start to overrule the mean thoughts. Even if that means I have to feel like an idiot when I say, " you have the best teeth I have ever seen," so be it. I guarantee it brightens the recipients day.

Well...that was all over the place random and so much fun for me to share. I know once I publish this there will be many more random thoughts that come into my head that I will wish I could have shared so maybe I can do a follow up. If there's anything random you want to know or ask please ask away in the comments section.


  1. Okay good to know, no ice chewing at Robyn's house. Sorry I am sure I have driven you crazy before!

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  2. Thanks for this. I've been following your blog for some time, as I really enjoy your photography, and you have two of the cutest little ones in the world. I'm a mom of six, so I consider myself an expert in cute. ;)

    We also had a molar pregnancy in our first year of marriage. It was a very difficult thing to experience, but I believe it's helped me to be more grateful for each viable pregnancy I've had after, even when the negative symptoms hit.

    Ha, Dog.

    Natural childbirth is highly overrated. I've had three vaginal deliveries (with a couple of shots of fentanol), and three sections. I know so many people believe it's better, and I'm sure it is, but I think most do it with an attitude - like they are a better mother because they did it that way. When I realized that I wouldn't lose any jewels in my crown for needing help, I said "Please pass the epidural!" :)

    God bless. You are wonderful.

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  3. You and Matt look SO young in those photos! Guess that means at that same time I was looking as young?!
    Love the engagement photo and that y'all still have your 'engagement gift' - Nellie!
    The tongue thing - now that's just weird.
    Your always perfect tan makes me jealous.
    Happy Anniversary!
    I like your irrational fear. When I sleep in your basement I wake in the middle of the night with a fear that the whole house is going to cave in and bury me (us). Sends me into a near panic attack. I nearly moved me and J upstairs at 2 AM the first night this time. But I always get over it at some point...
    If I crunch ice please tell me so I don't drive you bonkers.
    The Dog outfit is awful... like awesomely awful. Kind of like a train wreck - makes me want to look away and keep staring all at the same time. You 100% accomplished completely transforming into a character, so much so that I would have no clue it was you unless you said. Now I have to scroll up and look again... so I can then look away ;)

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    1. We were so young! Don't be jealous of my box tan! You know you can have it to for $10 at the wal-marts.

  4. Love the engagement photo! That is so funny:)

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  5. I love the random things about you! The engagement story/photo is perfect! And I'm SO right there with you about the ice-crunching! Makes me crazy!

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  6. Haha! These are great! Your halloween costume was so spot on- love it! Unmedicated child birth...I'll just say that mine had a much easier recovery time than my medicated one. And that made it worth it to me. About BJ's comment up there, I know so many women that have given birth unmedicated. I have never felt that they were trying to be better than anyone else. I'm so sad that she has had that experience with others. That is no fun!
    One more thing. About saying the positive things that enter your head- I so do this. I am that random person that walks up to women at the store and says things like "you have the greatest hair!" "you look so great!". I'm pretty sure they think I'm hitting on them. But I'm with you, if you think it, why not say it?

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    1. Mandi- Love that you hit on women! I bet you thought I was hitting on you the first time I saw you and gasped and said, "You're absolutely stunning!"

  7. Redeeming Love is my favorite book of all time!
    That "Dog the bounty hunter" costume is HI-LARIOUS!!
    Love it!

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  8. I totally had a caboodle just like that.

    I too want to try a natural childbirth. And I REALLY want to try it at home. I'm just scared.

    The Dog obsession? By far the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Wow.

    The taste bud thing bogles my mind. That sounds like hell to me.

    I couldn't agree more about the positive thoughts. My sister is a pro and every time I'm out with her and she is complimenting the insecure checkout girl at Target I am so inspired to do the same.

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  9. My 2 cents on unmedicated child birth.. my Lamaze teacher explained it like this: by the time it gets to the hardest part, it's almost over. Pushing is a relief, you're really doing something, and when the baby is delivered its over. You don't have to recover from the medication or experience any side effects. I delivered 3, 9+ lb babies, and there's nothing special about me. Was it uncomfortable? You betcha! But was it agony? No

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  10. First of all...Love the dog the bounty hunter pictures :) second, love the engagement story. Third, natural drug-free birth is amazing and I (strangely) cannot wait to do it again one day.

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