Wednesday, August 1, 2012

San Antonio {2012}

 Whew.... we just got back home from a four day stay on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. I always love going to the Riverwalk, it's the perfect getaway. We were there for Matt while he attending coaching school and got to be in on the fun. Matt's mom came along with us so we could have some time to ourselves when the littles were sleeping. To say she was a lifesaver is an understatement. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. Vacations....... everyone trapped in one tiny space, babies pooping in bathtubs, toddlers taking off their bathing suits at the five star hotel swimming pool and parents lacking in down time doesn't bring about the proudest moments in life and we are so thankful that she puts up with us and loves us through it all.
Like everything in life there were great moments and then there were moments like those mentioned up above that we choose not to blog, facebook and instagram. While I don't think it's necessary to air it ALL out I do feel convicted that I need to share more than, "We went to the Riverwalk and everything was perfect!" I want to be transparent and not leave you feeling like our life is perfect and better than yours. Because it's not. No more than 30 minutes after having a relaxing morning breakfast with the girls I was back at the hotel room fishing a floater out of the kids bathtub. Just trying to keep things real y'all!

We did get to do some fun and fancy things that we aren't used to and that's always a treat. We ate at nice restaurants, lounged by a fancy pool where they brought us frozen cucumber towels for our face and miniature champagne grapes to snack on and got to watch the Olympics. I also got to meet up with my sweet friend Ashley that I met through the blogging world. As well as Laura at Bits of Spender.

Nonnie loves to do laundry so we saved some for her to do.

Bubby totally freaked out by the jets in the tub.

There were plenty of snacks and drinks involved to provide as entertainment.

Lot's of swimming.

While this little girl preferred the hot tub. I think because it had the sitting area that was just perfect for her to be in the water while still standing.

Breakfast on the patio so we wouldn't leave the room a total crummy mess. This patio was our saving grace.

Nonnie learned the Farmer weight loss secret. Eating around Bubby will quickly reduce your portions.

We realized we hadn't taken a picture down on the river together so we ran down there right before we pulled out and snapped one real quick. I wish it was with all of us but it's better than nothing.

Now it's back to life, laundry, cooking, football practice and soon... the school day schedule. I'm so excited about blogging more and sharing my heart with you. The Lord is revealing so much to me and I look forward to sharing with you. 


  1. I hope one day I get to meet you and Ashley in real life too! What a blessing that would be! It looks like you guys really did have a great time away! Of course there's always those little hang-ups, but it wouldn't be real life without them right? :)

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  2. Ahhhh. I love San Antonio. I love the river this makes me home sick. I go on leave in 8 days and cant wait to get to the Nation of Texas!

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  3. I love the pic of Elijah in the tub! Too cute! Glad y'all were able to get away for a bit, even if it involved scooping up floaters!

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  4. Bubby looks like he is calling a play with his arm up in the pool

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    1. Or telling the poolside waitress that he needed a cold beverage.

  5. I need a nonnie that likes to do laundry!! ;)

    so fun. even those not so fun moments, they are memories you know? ones to laugh about one day.

    loved meeting you robyn!
    still wishing I had got the waffles or pancakes ;)

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  6. Looks like such a great time, and how fun to meet up with blogging friends!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

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