Sunday, August 5, 2012

Phone pics and a date with myself

 So....I've been in an Olympic induced coma and can't seem to pull myself out. I stay up waaayyy too late and have cried many many tears watching "Raising an Olympian" videos.

Because of the Olympics and well... life I realized I never posted my phone pics from this week and our stay on the Riverwalk.

So the hotel we stayed at was super swanky..... as in brought us frozen champagne grapes, frozen cucumber infused towels and chilled Evian water in a can to use while up on the rooftop pool. Isn't that fun and silly? When I'm at places like that I wonder how many of us are acting like we belong and how many actually have money and live that lifestyle. As I giggle while spraying my face with chilled water I know it's not hard to tell that I'm most comfortable in my backyard with my feet propped up on a $15 blow up pool from the wal-marts.

While we were there we also slipped away at night to go see a movie in the IMAX. I forgot how intense the IMAX is. It was so much fun!

Now that we are home I have been eating my favorite herbed-garlic-parmesan-popcorn/ while watching the Olympics, spray painting a bed frame for Little Miss, and got to enjoy a full moon on my late night run. I also had a date with myself. After four days all together in a hotel room I was in need of a little away time to regroup and come back refreshed. I went to Target and wondered around and found some cute clothes. Got some new makeup. As the lady tried new makeup on my face I couldn't help but think about the scene in the movie The Other Sister where the lady only puts makeup on half of her face. As for me she put full makeup on all of my face, like coming on too strong lots o makeup. Then I went and ate dinner by myself with all that makeup. Awesome. While I'm on that subject do any of you have a foundation that doesn't feel heavy but covers well without looking caked on? I think I may still be searching for the right fit. that I feel caught up I look forward to being better about taking more pictures and posting more to the blog. Matt starts football tomorrow morning at 6am and life will kinda return to normal in the coming weeks.


  1. The popcorn sounds wonderful! lol I need a recipe without butter but I may try this one anyway, it sounds so good.
    Can't help you with the foundation. I stopped wearing make-up except on very very special occasions some time ago.
    I wouldn't know what to do in a motel that fancy. I am not sure I would like it, lol.

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  2. I accidently deleted my first comment...sorry! anyway, I use Loreal True Match mineral powder...I had the same problem...couldn't find something light weight that covered really well until I tried this about two years ago. It cost about $12 and it lasts awhile.

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    1. Thanks Julia! I'll have to look into that. I hate spending a lot on makeup so an affordable option is what I'm looking for.

  3. I'm going to have to try that popcorn- I LOVE popcorn (it was what we ate as children on Sunday nights after church) and that look supre yummy!!! As for makeup, I absolutely adore Mary Kay mineral powder foundation. It is lightweight and gives really great coverage and washes off easily at the end of the day. It's about $18 but one jar lasts me around 4 months and that is with using it every single day.

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  4. I Love Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation! I have worn it since High School!
    I also have a new fav! Its called Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation.
    They are both inexpensive and I usualy buy them on sale @ CVS or Walgreens in bulk!

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  5. glad you got some time to yourself... nothing like some 'mom alone time' to refresh!

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  6. I just started wearing foundation about 2 years ago and found a great light weight but great coverage. I usually don't spend much on makeup but this is my exception. It's Laura Mercier- sold at Sephora- it comes in a tube and you apply with a brush or sponge. I believe it's about $36-40 but will probably last around 6 months depending how often you use it.

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  7. Bare minerals is definitely worthy of the hype. Plus, it feels cool in this darn Texas heat, it doesn't melt off, and it's good for your skin. Plus one container lasts a long time!

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