Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rainy Weekend

 It's been a good weekend. We got two days of rain showers and spent time around the house enjoying it. I love the way a summer rain cools things off. Little Miss knows what rainy days are all about. When we finished playing in the rain she came inside to lay on the couch to "rest" and read books. I'm all about her method but Bubby hasn't caught onto it yet.

(Bummed it's blurry but I love it anyways.)

The Shane & Shane station on Pandora is one of my favorite things about a rainy day.

I had this chicken taco recipe going in the crockpot all day and we had it for dinner. It was easy and yummy!

We finished the day off with more reading and setting up the bedroom for "library time."

I hope y'all had a good weekend! Do y'all have any 4th of July gathering recipes to share? We don't have any big plans but we always have to eat;)


  1. Thanks for the recipe! We also do lots of crock pot cooking during the summer :) This is on tap for tonight!

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  2. I love rainy days! It's raining here right now and I wish I could just curl up with a book :) Thanks for the recipe...I'm going to add it to our menu this week I think. Three ingredient suppers are my kinda thing :)

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  3. I have often wished you lived next door to me. We share similar parenting styles and I miss my grandkids so much it hurts. Keep up the joy Mama!

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  4. Anytime you post pictures of these sweet babies....I'm a happy Nonnie. I love y'all, give the kids a hug & a kiss from me. Nonnie

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