Thursday, June 28, 2012

iphone dump

 I need to catch up on my insta-friday pics so I thought I would just unload today. So this is a little bit of everything.

I love the silhouettes created on our patio in the evening sun.

We go hit up the sand volleyball court in the evenings to let the kids play in the sand. We're practicing for Florida. T-7 days!

Have you tried these? They are so yummy! They remind me of Johnny Carino's dipping sauce. You need to give them a try. 

My boys playing in the river.

I sure do miss having horses in my life. I grew up riding, showing and  participating in trail rides. I have many great memories on horseback.

I got to see my sweet friend Kat. I love this girl to pieces. She has a heart for the Lord and has been such a source of encouragement for me. 

I slipped away during nap time to hit up one of my favorite little fabric stores. I love dreaming of the projects  that could be done with all of this adorable fabric.

Have you ever had Carl's Jr. Burgers? I know their logo is kinda cheesy but it's one of the best fast food burgers I have ever had. I got mine with avocado and it was delicious.

It has finally hit the triple digits here. The triple digits make me want to do loopy things like put foil over my kids windows and keep all of the curtains drawn. Does anybody else foil windows or have a solution to blocking some of the sun/heat?

Sweet boy swinging at the park.

I have had peaches and granola for breakfast this past week and love it. I think I could eat this every day and ever grow tired of it. I'm working on the last few peaches so I'm going to have to move onto the next fresh fruit.

I did however put away some peaches for the fall and winter. There's nothing like opening a can of summer peaches in November to bring me right back to the taste and smell of summer.

We got a visit this week from one of my college roommates and Little Miss got to help feed her baby. She was in heave. 

This little guy has been going crazy for some watermelon. When he sees me cutting it he pooches his lips and snorts to make this face. It's so cute!

This little one keeps me laughing in her "Jessie" cowgirl hat.

That about does it for this week! Do y'all have any fun plans? Are y'all celebrating the 4th this weekend or the next? I'm looking forward to fireworks this year since we didn't have them last year because of the drought. Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Love the silhouette picture!

    Those crackers look yummy; I now have a craving and may have to talk my hubby into bringing some over to the hospital for me to enjoy! :) The peaches and granola look super delicious too. (Maybe I just need to order my breakfast; I must be hungry! :)

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  2. love your blog its always comforting in a way to find someone i can relate to. im over in east texas near livingston. iv been fighting off the urge to "foil" too! we r at that point in the summer when the only time you can really get outside with the kids is super early or really late! your babies are precious!

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  3. I got hooked on those crackers last year... SO addicting! Your kids are getting so big!

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    1. Last year! Andrea, you should have told me about these sooner!