Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer hairdo and Bubby walking

 Little Miss is loving her new look and so am I. It's so easy to wash and comb. Who knew just two inches caused so much trouble? She no longer puts up a fight when I comb her hair and we don't even have to mess with putting it up anymore.Sigh of relief! I uploaded some pictures and realized I only shared on Instagram and needed to post real pics.

Have I mentioned that as of Saturday June 9th, this little boy has been officially on the move? No more army crawling. I absolutely love the short strides and wobble with the hands held out when he walks. I however do not love the fact that he is into everything. I thought he couldn't possibly get into more mischief but he has proved me wrong.

Here we are teaching him to sit in the chair rather than stand in it and flip it over.

At least all the walking helps him take a good long nap.

Little Miss is his angel. She has saved him from so many potential accidents and boo-boo's. I seriously don't know what I would do without her alerting me that he has climbed on top of the table, or is standing on the couch, jumping off of the bed and splashing in the toilet.

I hope y'all are having a good week.


  1. Seriously... her haircut is ADORABLE!!!!!! So sweet and sassy!!!
    I've missed you! Texting you tomorrow after VBS :)

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    1. I wish I had the guts to do that to myself, instead I did it to my daughter. Is that bad? lol. I was going to text you too! I'm so ready for the Riverwalk. The countdown is on;)

  2. Belle's hair is just too cute! Bubby looks so much older in these photos. IN the dryer?! Oh Lord! Love all these photos.

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  3. Loved the pics! The second one made me laugh out loud. Bubby looks so grown up sitting in the chair like a little man & of course Baby Girl is so cute in her new "do". Thanks Babe, Nonnie

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  4. I want mine cut exactly like this!

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  5. I love her hair cut! It's so fresh--it really tempts me to cut my own. And he is growing so fast! But isn't it funny how they still look like peaceful little babies when they're asleep! :)

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  6. SO cute!! I am loving that haircut!! As soon as my little one has enough hair...I am so doing that!

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